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Some of the many ways that a member of the Alliance of Independent CFO Consultants (AOICFOC) can help you are:

• Finding educational resources to answer questions about your business that are designed to assist you with choosing the best decisions for your specific business and circumstances.
• Providing an experienced trusted resource that helps privately held business owners and CEOs to free up more of their time to work “on their business” instead of only “in their business”.
• Solving complex financial issues enabling confidence that business owners and CEOs are making the most fiscally responsible strategies appropriate for your specific objectives.
• Offering a full network of quality professional service experts that they work with. An AOICFOC member can refer you to trusted CPA firms, bankers, attorneys, accounting services, M&A advisors, wealth management advisors, executive/CEO/business coaches, HR consultants, and other professional service firms whom they work with that best fit your needs.
• The best way to get connected with the resources that you need is to reach out to one of our members so they can identify the most appropriate fit to assist you.

Glen Katlein

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Bob Boulanger

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Gary Fuchs

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Chris Thomas 

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Gui Albergaria

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Tom Washington


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