Our organization shares valuable business education information

AOICFOC members provide services and refers resources to businesses owners that help them to succeed. These include the following areas and many more:

Senior Financial Management Leadership

AOICFOC members provide senior financial management leadership on an affordable as needed basis to privately held business owners and CEOs as well as not-for-profit organizations. These trusted advisory relationships enable companies and organizations to attain these valuable financial management services to enhance the success of their organization. Independent CFO consultants primarily serve organizations that cannot afford and do not need a full-time Chief Financial Officer.

Increase Business Value

AOICFOC members focus on contributing to maximizing the value of the organizations that they serve at all times and assist those organizations to achieve their potential by providing leadership and implementation that they need to achieve their stated goals.

Cash Flow Management

AOICFOC members have the background and expertise to help organizations to manage their cash efficiently. Growth can be either enhanced or constrained by the amount of cash available for use. Advising decision makers on making the best use of internal and external sources of cash is a core strength of AOICFOC members.

Profitability Improvements

AOICFOC members have proven track records in impacting all types of organizations to improve profitability. The most common area is margin analysis and pricing strategies.

Complex Financial Problem Solving

AOICFOC members have a proven track record of solving complex financial matters. Effective analysis and recommendations gives the organization’s leadership confidence that they are making the most fiscally responsible decisions possible that are appropriate for their specific circumstances.

Educational Resources

AOICFOC and its members provide education a) directly and b) by finding prudent resources to assist business owners and organization CEOs to assess their particular circumstances and reference reliable/meaningful information in order to make well informed decision. Many of the best resources can be found in your own local business community.

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